Multi-cloud made simple.

Cloud storage and compute is becoming an increasingly large part of CIOs' budgets. And different clouds have different strengths and weaknesses.

Don’t get locked in. Cloudflare keeps your options open — across public, multi-cloud, hybrid, and on-premise environments.

  • Enforce consistent policies across multiple clouds
  • Get visibility across your entire network infrastructure
  • Balance workloads across separate public and private clouds
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Trusted by approximately 25 000 000 Internet properties, in any industry, including:

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54% of companies now use hybrid or multi-cloud environments.*

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*According to a Forrester study.

How it works

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Why use Cloudflare for multi-cloud?

How Cloudflare helps with multi-cloud deployments:

  • Unified control plane: Cloudflare provides a scalable, unified control plane to deliver security, performance, and reliability for multi-cloud
  • Consistent security policy: Enforce the same security policies across all clouds, regardless of vendor
  • Integrated security & performance: Cloudflare offers deeply integrated security and performance without trade-offs

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Cloudflare integration with cloud providers

  • content delivery network

    Cloudflare + AWS

    Cloudflare seamlessly integrates with AWS S3 and EC2 deployments, offering performance, security, and reliability for static and dynamic web properties hosted on AWS.
  • website optimization

    Cloudflare + Azure

    Cloudflare can connect to any Microsoft Azure cloud service to protect and accelerate web properties hosted on Azure.
  • anycast network

    Cloudflare + GCP

    Turn on Cloudflare in front of your Google Cloud Platform deployment for faster traffic, stronger security protections, and simpler load balancing.
  • Cloudflare + IBM

    Cloudflare + IBM

    Cloudflare easily integrates with IBM Cloud services. Cloudflare also partners with IBM to offer joint customers performance, security, and reliability services.
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What is multi-cloud and what are its benefits?

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