Cloudflare's Threat Protection

Integrated threat defense across network and endpoint security

Secure across the threat lifecycle with single pane management. Learn how Cloudflare offers a simple, effective approach to threat defense.

Internet threats move fast, evading detection.

Once an endpoint is infected, malware can spread quickly.

Layering security tools from multiple providers can cause latency and poor end-user experience.

How it works

Cloudflare offers instant-on attack protection, with simple but effective defense throughout the threat lifecycle.

Secure across the threat lifecycle

Apply proactive and reactive security controls to protect users and data.

Filter, inspect, isolate

No Secure Web Gateway stops 100% of threats. With Zero Trust Browser Isolation, even threats that slip through the cracks can't compromise end-user devices.

Single Pane Managemement

Simply monitor threat defenses and access controls in one unified solution. Configuration changes propagate in seconds and logging provides visibility across the threat lifecycle.

Threat Protection Capabilities

One Management Interface

Block or isolate security risks using one easy-to-use management portal. Visibility into users, locations, applications, and more available on the Cloudflare platform with integrations with SSO and SIEM products.

Actionable Threat Intelligence

Threat hunting with insights from Cloudlare’s millions of customers and presence in 285+ cities around the world.

Zero Trust Access Control

Prevent unauthorized access with identity and posture-based rules for application access.


Solution brief: Zero Trust Integrations

Learn how Cloudflare supports your threat protection strategy by integrating with the identity providers, endpoint protection platforms, and SIEMs you already use.

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Simpler, more effective threat defense with Cloudflare for Teams

Learn how Cloudflare for Teams provides simpler and more effective threat defense than legacy approaches.

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Demo: Browser Isolation

This demo shows how Cloudflare's Browser Isolation capability protects users from threats on the Internet without negatively impacting performance.

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