Cache Reserve

Maximize savings and performance

Cloudflare Cache Reserve eliminates egress costs and improves cache hit ratios by enabling you to persistently cache your data with the push of a single button.

Maximize savings

Eliminate egress fees by limiting unnecessary cache data evictions with Cache Reserve’s affordable, consistent pricing that helps you maximize your savings.

Increase cache hits

Graphic depicting a globe with dots indicating Cloudflare data centers.

Store long-tail content persistently on Cache Reserve and serve your content from Cloudflare’s global content delivery network for longer, improving cache hit ratios.

Graphic depicting a globe with dots indicating Cloudflare data centers.

Optimize performance


Shield your origin servers from unnecessary, voluminous requests, eliminating unnecessary trips to the origin to ensure faster performance and a better user experience.


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Cache Reserve is easy to use

Cache Reserve Dash Button Screenshot

With its one-click activation, Cache Reserve is easy to use, and it can be enabled both from the Cloudflare dashboard and API.

Cache Reserve Dash Button Screenshot

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Cache Reserve Pricing

Cache Reserve charges based on the total volume of data stored and two classes of operations on that data. You pay zero egress fees.

Monthly Quotas

Monthly Rates


10 GB/month

$0.015 /GB storage

Class A Operations (writes)

1,000,000 /month

$4.50 /million requests

Class B Operations (reads)

10,000,000 /month

$0.36 /million requests

Key Features

Zero egress fees
One-click activation
Global distribution
Integration with Cloudflare's CDN
Bandwidth savings
Enhanced performance

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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