VicRoads is the road authority for the state of Victoria, Australia. VicRoads plans, develops and manages the arterial road network and delivers road safety initiatives and customer focused registration and licensing services.


VicRoads’ Challenge: A New Site with DNS built for Performance

“As a government agency we are ultimately responsible to the Parliament of Victoria to deliver high quality, efficient public services,” explained Stuart Campbell, Digital Solutions Design Lead at VicRoads. We continually monitor and evaluate the performance of our business compared to other leaders in industry— private and public. We want to be leaders in service delivery.”

To be a leader in the industry means having a fast and effective digital presence. “For our new site, we wanted to find the highest and fastest performing DNS provider out there,” Stuart related.

VicRoads’ Solution: Safe Roads, Fast and Safe Website

“Prior to Cloudflare, we were using a custom built solution with legacy vendors, comprised by many different components,” stated Stuart. “Today Cloudflare is used to replace six previous different systems.” Cloudflare is the fastest managed DNS provider on the planet. VicRoads enjoyed the performance they were getting on Cloudflare with their legacy site, so they decided to build their new site specifically with Cloudflare’s architecture in mind.

“We chose Cloudflare because you don’t need to do anything to make it work,” Stuart continued. “We had a core focus on keeping costs down, while having support high. Cloudflare has done exactly that, showing tremendous engagement and support at a reasonable cost. We love that someone is willing to sit down and talk through any questions we have. Cloudflare has helped us complete more transactions, get higher conversion, and less complaints. All while protecting our sensitive data and meeting necessary security and compliance measures.”

Today, VicRoads uses almost the entire suite of Cloudflare products. Cloudflare’s CDN and Managed DNS service work in concert to make VicRoads’ site as fast as possible. Likewise, VicRoads uses Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation and WAF (Web Application Firewall) to protect their site from being knocked offline by DDoS attacks and keep customer data secure. Plus, with Rate Limiting VicRoads protects their login page and customer accounts from Layer 7 attacks.

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Key Results

2.1 TB (44%) Monthly Bandwidth savings

Up to 85% faster site with Argo Smart Routing

22,604 Threats Blocked

Cloudflare just works. It's there when you’re thinking about it and it's there when you are not.

Stuart Campbell
Digital Solutions Design Lead