Telefónica Tech

The video features:

  • Rames Sarwat: Internal Market & Offnet Sales Director, Telefónica Tech
  • Jesus Muñoz: Sales Specialist - Cybersecurity and Cloud, Telefónica Tech

Rames Sarwat: Cloudflare is one of the providers we use at Telefónica Tech to provide advanced cloud security services to our customers.

Rames: Hello, I am Rames Sarwat, and I am the Sales Director for emerging or international markets at Telefónica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech.

Jesus Muñoz: Hello, my name is Jesus Muñoz. I am a sales specialist at Telefónica Tech.

Rames: The Telefónica Group is a leading group in telecommunications with a customer base of approximately 350 million customers worldwide.

Rames: Telefónica Tech is part of the strategy of the new Telefónica to assist customers in the digital transformation they need to undertake providing digital services such as Cybersecurity, Cloud and IoT and Big Dta to all its customers.

Jesus: Although we trusted our systems, integrating Cloudflare within our security measures provided us with an additional and very efficient way both to monitor the attacks that could occur against the portals and improve the quality of the connections with the users who were connected at that time to the portal.

Jesus: With the rollout of Cloudflare in our systems the speed of access to web resources increased by more than 59% compared to the speed without the use of Cloudflare.

Jesus: The attacks we receive and detect can be of any kind, from denials of service or attempted distributed denial of service, to the use of malicious bots, malware, RAM software, etc.

Jesus: In just one month, we have detected and stopped more than 20,000 security-related events, from events caused by bots to possible attacks that attempted to target resources within Telefónica's portals but now they could be monitored and could be fixed and solved thanks to the use of Cloudflare.

Telefónica Tech
Key Results
  • The speed of access to web resources increased by more than 59% after using Cloudflare.

  • Cloudflare detected and stopped more than 20,000 threats in one month.