Cloudflare Page Shield

Seguridad total del lado del cliente. Garantiza la seguridad de los navegadores de tus usuarios finales.

Page Shield protege a los visitantes de tu sitio web contra los ataques del lado del cliente que tienen como objetivo dependencias vulnerables de JavaScript.

  • Obtén visibilidad completa de los scripts activos y sus conexiones.
  • Detecta el comportamiento malicioso en los navegadores de tus usuarios finales.
  • Mitiga al instante todos los ataques a la cadena de suministro.
Minimize attack surface - 128x128
Intelligent attack prevention

Detect and mitigate browser supply chain attacks with machine learning-based protection.

Automatic threat alerts

Get instant notifications when new scripts are detected, marked as malicious, or loaded from unknown domains.

Meet compliance requirements

Reduce third-party vendor risk and address client-side requirements like GDPR, PCI, and more.


Continuously monitor and prevent client-side threats

Protect your website visitors from script-based attacks and data theft.

Page Shield simplifies third-party script management by tracking loading resources (like scripts) for potentially malicious additions, connections, or changes.

Powered by our threat intelligence and machine learning-based detection, it instantly identifies, reports, and blocks threats — before they reach your website.

Protect your website visitors from script-based attacks and data theft.

Learn how to defend against client-side browser attacks

What our customers are saying

Cloudflare helps DHL Parcel protect our customer data and client communications, simplifying compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR.”

Vice President of Digital and Business Process Optimization — DHL


Page Shield helps detect and block browser-based threats, meet compliance requirements, and safeguard your users’ data

Prevent financial and identity theft

Block browser-based attacks aimed at your users’ personal and financial information.

Go beyond content security policies (CSP)

Monitor JavaScript dependencies and block threats with threat intelligence and machine learning that goes above and beyond CSPs.

Easily meet compliance requirements

Avoid noncompliance fines and adhere to the latest PCI DSS standards for compromised third-party script detection (section 6.4.3) and alerts (11.6.1).

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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