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Cloudflare optimizes the performance of your websites and applications, delivering fast content through its global network. Cloudflare Pro is best suited for professional websites, high traffic blogs, and startups requiring increased security and performance.

Bundle the Pro plan with Argo Smart Routing and/or Load Balancing to maximize your web application speed, performance, and availability.

Why bundle your Cloudflare Pro plan with our speed tool add-ons?

Here's the TLDR. If you only read one thing, read this.

  • A robust global network at your fingertips

  • Uncompromised security and performance in one platform

  • Reduce latency, improve performance, and increase availability for all your applications

  • Real-time latency maps

  • Detailed traffic analytics

  • Predictable, transparent, and flexible pricing

Argo Smart Routing improves your web performance by 30%

  • Argo Smart Routing detects real-time congestion and routes web traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths.
  • Instantly improve site speed, reliability, and reduce cloud egress costs with minimal changes to your configuration.
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Reduce server strain and latency with Load Balancing

  • Load Balancing distributes traffic evenly across your healthy servers, automatically failing over when a server is unhealthy or unresponsive.
  • Cloudflare makes it easy to set up load balancing and monitor your servers at configurable intervals and across multiple data centers to look for specific status codes, response text, and timeouts.
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