Reduce complexity & modernize your tech stack

Consolidate, simplify, and modernize your applications, network, and cybersecurity using a connectivity cloud. Stop adding to the complexity and accelerate the business.

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Complexity & costs cause digital initiatives to fail

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There’s pressure to constantly accelerate digital modernization, but complex tech stacks are inefficient, expensive, and slow down the business. Their underlying architecture, networks, and limited capabilities force security and performance tradeoffs and drive up costs.

As a result many digital modernization projects only deliver incremental value and often fail to meet leadership expectations - according to Gartner, 59% take too long to complete and 52% take too long to realize value.

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Problems we solve together

improvement of response times to performance and security incidents


reduction in Total-Cost-of-Ownership (TCO) of IT and security investments


improved Time-to-Market (TTM) of new innovations

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Accelerate digital modernization

Consolidating onto Cloudflare can reduce TCO by 50% and help IT leaders deliver successful digital modernization — including consolidating, simplifying, and modernizing their applications, networks, and security.

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Platform consolidation

Consolidate and simplify more of your tech stack and achieve greater cost reduction without security or performance tradeoffs - modernize infrastructure, remove point solutions, and integrate IT domains - by consolidating onto Cloudflare.

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Network modernization

Simplify your architecture and make it more secure by augmenting your network with Cloudflare. Connect your users and offices to applications and workloads, from anywhere to anywhere, by using the Cloudflare global network and middle mile.

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Application modernization

Modernize legacy applications and build new applications on Cloudflare to connect and protect everyone to your workloads. Regain control and innovate faster with a secure, distributed, compute, storage, and application environment to deploy applications to region: Earth.

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Modernize security

Move away from complex and disparate security systems and adopt a comprehensive Everywhere Security approach. Secure access to your workforce across web and multi cloud environments, protect against cyber threats, secure sensitive data and simplify operations.

How does a connectivity cloud modernize your business?

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Integration with all networks

Get a direct line to the Internet and every other app, cloud, and ISP, giving you secure, low-latency, infinitely scalable networking. Connect remote users, on-prem apps, multiple clouds and all your customers and vendors easily and securely.

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Built-in intelligence

A connectivity cloud has a wide range of services built in at a foundational level, and analyzes extremely high volumes and varieties of traffic in order to automatically update intelligence. This helps you easily adapt to new threats and traffic patterns.

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Unified, simplified interface

See and manage much of your IT environment from one interface, greatly reducing tool sprawl and dashboard overload.

Avoiding compromise — Cloudflare delivers security, scalability, and a performant user experience protected its customers against fraud, tightened internal security controls, and improved their site’s performance and scalability by consolidating application security, Zero Trust, network performance, video streaming, and development tools onto Cloudflare.

Cloudflare stood out from the competition based on the flexibility and rich functionality of its comprehensive platform and the wide-ranging coverage of its global network.

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“It has always been a struggle to keep our systems both secure and performant. We didn’t want to compromise — we wanted a single solution to provide our users with the safest, most responsive gaming experience possible.”

Lior Gross, Director of Software Development

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