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Protect Your Data

Unified protection for data everywhere
  • Regain visibility and controls over sensitive data across web, SaaS, and private application environments
  • Stay at the forefront of modern data risks, like emerging AI tools and source code exposure

Top use cases

data protection

Protect developer code - Detect and block source code in up/downloads. Scan for code in SaaS apps to mitigate risks of code exposure or theft.

Meet regulatory requirements - Detect and control movement of regulated data. Maintain logs and push to SIEM for audit reports. Reduce attack surface with Zero Trust posture.

Mitigate data exposure - Scan SaaS apps for misconfigurations and sensitive data. Gain visibility over Shadow IT to allow/block access. Lock down access to apps with Zero Trust.

Generative AI visibility - Prevent users from copy/pasting/inputting sensitive data into AI tools like ChatGPT. Take advantage of AI, while keeping it safe.

data protection

Cloudflare helps Applied Systems protect data in AI tools.

Applied Systems runs its own instance of ChatGPT in a Cloudflare isolated browser, which helps block users from oversharing data with the tool.

“We wanted to let employees take advantage of AI while keeping it safe,” says Randolph. “We prevent users from copying and pasting sensitive data from other apps into our isolated instance of ChatGPT, which prevents a lot of company info from being exposed to the tool.”

More broadly, Cloudflare helps Applied Systems consolidate security across employees, applications, and networks.

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"Over the past few years, Cloudflare has been a critical partner in our digital transformation efforts and has helped us consolidate security controls across our users, applications, and networks...

Going forward, we are excited for Cloudflare’s continued innovations to protect data, and in particular, their vision and roadmap for services like DLP and CASB.”

Tanner Randolph, CISO

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