Cloudflare D1

Create serverless SQL databases

Create a serverless relational database in seconds with D1. With a familiar SQL query language, point-in-time recovery, and cost-effective pricing, you are empowered to build the next big thing.

Built-in database solution

D1 is built on one of the most widely used SQL query engines in the world, enabling you to use familiar drivers and ORMs.

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Scale infinitely

Our natively serverless architecture enables developers to scale databases, increasing the pace of innovation.

Rely on Time Travel

With always-on Time Travel, easily roll your database back to any specific minute in the last 30 days.

Benefit from cost-effective pricing

D1 bills on queries you issue and any storage above your plan’s limits. You are not billed for hours or capacity units.


Support globally distributed applications

D1 is built on SQLite, has built-in JSON parsing and querying functions, and offers asynchronous read replication and support for full-text search triggers.

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Top D1 use cases

Meet all your relational SQL needs and see how incredibly easy it is to build a database.

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Build and deploy unlimited databases

Databases are a key part of building full-stack applications. Build infinitely scalable composable databases with D1.

Connect databases with Hyperdrive

Combine D1 and Workers for globally distributed apps and use Hyperdrive to query databases in legacy clouds.

Automatic Platform Optimization
Build production-scale applications

With support for up to 10 GB databases and 50,000 databases per account, unlock the ability to build production-scale applications.

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