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Cloudflare Application Security Portfolio

Keeping websites and APIs secure and productive

Web applications and APIs make the digital world go round. Cloudflare protects applications and APIs from abuse, stops bad bots, thwarts DDoS attacks, and monitors for suspicious payloads and browser supply chain attacks.

Our application security products work closely with our performance suite, all delivered by one of the world’s most connected global cloud platforms.

Cloudflare application security products
Expanding attack surface

2021 saw more than 20K vulnerabilities to exploit - the greatest number on record.

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API-related traffic represented almost 54% of Cloudflare network traffic in 2021.


Up to 40% of all Internet traffic is bot traffic - and a significant portion is malicious.

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94% of desktop and mobile sites use third-party resources.

Cloudflare application security solutions

Powerful application security from the Cloudflare edge

By making Cloudflare's network your enterprise security perimeter, you gain a modern application security posture. All Cloudflare security, managed from a single console, is delivered from our global edge network of 275 data centers in more than 100 countries for incredible performance, reliability and unlimited scalability.

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DDoS Protection

Our always-on protection identifies and mitigates most attacks in under three seconds. Blocking attacks from the network edge reduces latency, keeping traffic blazing fast.

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Our Web Application Firewall keeps organizations safer with threat intelligence from millions of sites and tens of millions of requests per second. Thanks to our network’s scale and speed, any rule changes deploy globally in seconds.

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Bot Management

Defend against bad bots responsible for credential stuffing, content scraping, denial-of-service, and more. Detections powered by heuristics, machine learning, and anomaly detection stop bad bots while keeping legitimate traffic flowing.

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API Shield

Powerful protection to keep APIs secure and productive. Gain ongoing API discovery, positive security with mutual TLS and schema validation, volumetric abuse detections, and sensitive data detection so APIs continue to drive business.

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Page Shield

Defend against attacks aimed at your customers by monitoring your site’s JavaScript dependencies — all to protect confidential user information including credit card details.

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Advanced Rate Limiting

Build flexible rate limiting rules to curb malicious traffic without penalizing legitimate users. Advanced Rate Limiting is integrated with the WAF and can be added to any WAF custom rule.

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Security Center

Cloudflare Security Center offers attack surface management (ASM) that inventories IT assets, enumerates potential security risks, and enables security teams to investigate and mitigate threats in a few clicks.

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SSL / TLS Encryption

Get free SSL / TLS encryption with any application services plan. You’ll never need to worry about SSL certificates expiring or staying up to date with the latest SSL vulnerabilities when you’re using Cloudflare SSL.

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The Cloudflare difference

Superior security. Unparalleled data.

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A single network and console for full integration

Cloudflare gives you a single, powerful application security posture. Our products are managed from a streamlined, single console for security integration, all running on a single rules engine for no gaps in protections.

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We keep pace with threats

Threats move fast and Cloudflare keeps pace. Zero-day vulnerability exploit protections is fast so customers can patch their infrastructure. Global rules are deployed in seconds for instant protection.

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Precise, data-driven security

Cloudflare protects millions of web properties and serves tens of millions of HTTP requests per second on average. This reach provides unmatched visibility into threats, enables our machine learning models to keep getting better with time and ensures we never sidetrack business with false positives.

Featured customer stories

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Learn how Mindbody replaced seven standalone products with one integrated, user-friendly Cloudflare solution.

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Learn how Cloudflare helped LendingTree save over $250,000 in just 5 months and reduced Bot attacks by over 70%.

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Learn how SCAYLE protects online fashion retailers against e-commerce attacks with Cloudflare.

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Security in the fast lane

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Our vast global network spanning 275 cities is one of the fastest on the planet. In fact, we can reach 95% of the world’s population within approximately 50 ms.

That means our single-pass security inspection happens at the data center closest to its source, so security never comes with a performance tradeoff.

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Secure. Fast. Easy.

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We build products that are simple to deploy and configure. Ease of onboarding, adoption, and management is a core design tenet of every Cloudflare product.

There is no hardware to rack and stack and no software to install, and it is completely transparent to your end-users.

We measure deployment in minutes and hours, not days and weeks (or months). Once you are on Cloudflare, adding new functionalities is quick and simple.

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Threat intelligence. At scale.

Cloudflare's global network spans across 275 cities in approximately 100 countries. This allows Cloudflare to operate within approximately 50 milliseconds of 95% of the Internet-connected population in the developed world. Our global network capacity is over 155 Tbps.

With tens of millions of Internet properties on our network, Cloudflare’s curated and unique threat intelligence seamlessly protects against sophisticated attacks.

We operate at a massive scale to protect any asset on our network from any threat.

Cloudflare security leadership

Named a "Customers' Choice" for WAAP in the 2022 Gartner Peer Insights report.

Innovation Leader in the Frost & Sullivan Frost Radar™: Global Holistic Web Protection Market 2020 Report.

'Leader' in The Forrester Wave for DDoS Mitigation Solutions 2021.

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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