Cloudflare Turnstile

A friendly, free CAPTCHA replacement

Cloudflare Turnstile delivers frustration-free, CAPTCHA-free web experiences to website visitors - with just a simple snippet of free code.

What's more, Turnstile stops abuse and confirms visitors are real without the data privacy concerns or awful UX that CAPTCHAs thrust on users.

Replace CAPTCHAs with Turnstile

The benefits of eliminating CAPTCHAs

Better experiences

Give your web visitors an even better experience. Turnstile confirms they are real with no visual puzzle - totally transparent to visitors.

Stronger privacy

Turnstile always preserves the privacy of web visitors on your site - without sacrificing effectiveness. Unlike other CAPTCHA options, we never harvest data for ad retargeting.

Fast and free

Deploy in minutes with just a quick code snippet - and totally free of charge.

500 years on CAPTCHAs

Humans spend about 500 years each day solving CAPTCHAs - wasting time and creating frustration.

This is why Cloudflare built a better alternative to CAPTCHAs with Managed Challenge and now Turnstile.