Microsoft 365

Deliver a faster and more secure user experience with Microsoft and Cloudflare

Cloudflare has become a certified partner in the Microsoft Networking Partner Program (NPP) for Microsoft 365. Microsoft has designed this program to offer customers a select set of partners whose deployment practices and guidance are aligned with Microsoft’s networking recommendations for Microsoft 365 to provide users a fast and secure user experience.

Cloudflare One simplifies administration, improves control, and increases visibility

Keeping up with Microsoft’s continuous IP and URL changes can be daunting, and missing an update can adversely impact the user experience. Cloudflare One simplifies administration by making Office 365 as easy as a 1-click checkbox.

Cloudflare peers with Microsoft in major data centers

Delivering extremely fast connection times between the user and Office 365 applications, Cloudflare’s network spans across 270+ cities and peers with Microsoft around the world with 7 private interconnects and 113 Internet exchanges with private/public peering.


Identify and differentiate Office 365 traffic

One-click configuration automatically optimizes your Office 365 traffic without administration effort.

Route your Office 365 traffic directly via the Microsoft network

Sending directly via the Microsoft network helps deliver through the fastest path.

Bypass inspection proxies

Cloudflare One enables you to bypass your security appliances per Microsoft’s recommendation, while still securing the rest of your Internet traffic.

If you're interested in learning more about our partner integrations with Microsoft, please get in touch.

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