Azure Sentinel

Cloudflare integrates with Microsoft Azure Sentinel to help customers make the most of their security data

Cloudflare's integration with Microsoft Azure Sentinel will help solve customer security and performance challenges in just a few clicks. Customers will be able to get insights from new datasets, take logs anywhere with support for any storage destination, and easily visualize data in a new user interface (UI).

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare customers can now push their logs directly to Microsoft Azure Sentinel for comprehensive visibility into all of the endpoints, systems, and operations running internally. This integration ensures that mutual customers will no longer require any middleware to get their Cloudflare data into Azure Sentinel, resulting in faster log delivery and lower costs.

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Solution & Product Guides

Microsoft Azure Analytics Integration Documentation

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Cloudflare Analytics Partnerships Press Release

Read Cloudflare’s announcement of its integration with Azure Sentinel to help customers make the most of their security data.

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