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Expanded monitoring and single-pane-of-glass management with IBM QRadar and Cloudflare

IBM Security QRadar®, a market-leading SIEM solution, helps defend against growing threats while modernizing and scaling security operations through integrated visibility, detection, investigation, and response. QRadar provides security teams with centralized visibility into enterprise-wide security data and actionable insights into the highest priority threats. Security analysts can work from one pane of glass to quickly understand their security posture, identify the most critical threats, and drill down to get more details, helping to streamline workflows and eliminate the need to pivot between tools. With QRadar’s anomaly detection capabilities, security teams can quickly identify changes in user behavior that could be indicators of an unknown threat.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare customers can now push their logs directly to IBM QRadar for comprehensive visibility into all of the endpoints, systems, and operations running internally. This integration ensures that mutual customers will no longer require any middleware to get their Cloudflare data into IBM QRadar, resulting in faster log delivery and lower costs.

Learn how to install the integration of Cloudflare logs with IBM QRadar.

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Leverage IBM QRadar SIEM to get insights from Cloudflare logs

Learn about Cloudflare’s integration with IBM QRadar in this blog post about our Analytics partnerships expansion.

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IBM QRadar and Cloudflare Integration Overview

Discover how IBM and Cloudflare enhanced our integration to support QRadar customers to ingest logs directly from Cloudflare.

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Solution & Product Guides

IBM Guide to Integrating Cloudflare Logs in QRadar

Learn how to integrate Cloudflare logs with QRadar with this quick guide from IBM.

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