Simplify your Zero Trust Journey

From modernizing your legacy VPN solution to protecting your expanding remote workforce from phishing attacks, the decision to adopt a Zero Trust security model is a simple one. However, the implementation of this security model can be a complex journey.

Complexity can be attributed to adhering to strict compliance requirements, integration of legacy 3rd party software, or coordination across multiple units and regions. Customers need a thorough evaluation of their current security posture to simplify the Zero Trust journey. Cloudflare’s network of service partners are trained to assess your current security posture, identify technology and business risks and recommend the most efficient and effective approach to adopt a Zero Trust Platform.

Our partners walk through your solutions today to help you unlock tomorrow

Asssessment Phases

Discover Phase

Through a series of workshops, a partner will seek to understand the devices, users, applications and networks to be evaluated for the Zero Trust framework

Assessment Phase

A gap analysis will be done to identify weaknesses and risks that will be addressed by Zero Trust principles

Recommendation Phase

Define the future state of your environment and provide an actionable roadmap to start implementing Cloudflare Zero Trust Solutions.

Engagement Outcomes

Maturity Score

  • Maturity score with pain points and strengths of current security posture

Risk Identification

  • Identification of the risk and pitfalls to be addressed before migrating to a Zero Trust model

Operating Model

  • Suggested model to align people, process and technology around the new ways of working in a Zero Trust mindset

Future State Design

  • High level design of Cloudflare for Teams integrated into the customer’s existing architecture

Implementation Roadmap

  • High level plan to implement Cloudflare Access, Gateway and Remote Browser Solutions