Zenprint: Bringing custom printing to Asia Pacific, for everyone

When it comes to getting the word out about your business, there’s nothing quite like putting your brand in the real world — in the form of promotional material like banners, books, mugs, and flash drives. But for many businesses that kind of promotion used to amount to high costs and logistical headaches, with minimal insight into the quality of the finished product ahead of time. Thanks to companies like Zenprint, that’s changing.

Zenprint is a part of Gogoprint, a regional group connecting a large marketplace of consumers and high-quality print suppliers together, allowing small and medium-sized businesses to tap into the printing capacity in their region that they’d otherwise struggle to find. The key is efficiency: Zenprint is able to save on costs and time by leveraging advances in technology — along with its own proprietary algorithms — to match customers with suppliers based on the quality and expertise they’re looking for, with optimal turnaround times, quick delivery, and low prices.

It’s a powerful combination of transparency, convenience, and speed that’s proved potent: since launching in 2015, Gogoprint has grown to over 130 employees and has expanded into markets including Thailand, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia — with plans to expand to New Zealand, Korea and more.

The Cloudflare Difference

As a company relentlessly focused on efficiency, Zenprint knows it’s vital for its website to perform as fast as its customers can create: nobody is going to buy into Zenprint’s mission if they find themselves staring at a lagging browser window.

That’s where Cloudflare comes in. Powered by one of the world’s most comprehensive network infrastructures, Cloudflare’s CDN service brings Zenprint’s content closer to its customers — leading to striking increases in performance. Since moving its website to Cloudflare in May 2018, Zenprint has seen its website load times improving by up to 300%.

That’s the kind of upgrade that customers notice, and for an eCommerce business like Zenprint, it has a real impact on the company’s bottom line. With more than 1,000 possible product permutations available on Zenprint’s platform, customers need to be able to quickly switch between configurations — and Cloudflare’s global caching support ensures that they never have to wait for a slow website. Zenprint’s improved web performance affirms its brand promise of efficiency and leads to lower bounce rates, which translates to increased revenue.

The bottom-line benefits don’t end there. Since implementing Cloudflare, Zenprint has saved an average 20GB of bandwidth costs per day.

And while there’s plenty keeping the Zenprint team busy, Cloudflare is happy to give them a little peace of mind: as it grows, Zenprint stands to become a bigger target for hostile actors. But thanks to Cloudflare’s security protections like DDoS mitigation, their servers are secure and protected.

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Cloudflare has been an integral part of Gogoprint's growth to reach new markets throughout Southeast Asia and ANZ. We can be confident that all of our web properties in these regions will be fast, and secure.

Adrien Ulens
Head of Marketing, Zenprint