Hostnet selects Cloudflare to bullet-proof its entire infrastructure.

As one of the top web hosts in Brazil, Hostnet aims to provide customers with the most effective way to host sites on the Internet. The company serves over 50,000 customers in Brazil and shows no signs of slowing down. Unlike other hosting providers, Hostnet Brazil focuses on tools based on open-source software and constantly looks for ways to develop solutions at an affordable cost for its clients. “Our goal is to provide users with the most advanced technology, simplifying the way websites are created and popularizing cyber security,” says Kauê Linden, Director of Marketing at Hostnet Brazil.


by utilizing Cloudflare’s caching

Coming Together to Serve Customers

Hostnet Brazil started using Cloudflare to provide a more resilient hosting environment in the face of increasingly sophisticated cyber security threats, ranging from excessive bot crawling to distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS). “Cloudflare proved the best option for our business. We moved away from Amazon’s CloudFront, to take advantage of Cloudflare’s integrated performance and security solutions. This helped us protect our platform and make it future-proof,” says Linden.

Moreover, Hostnet’s customers have access to Cloudflare’s globally distributed network with data centers in 320 cities. Five of them are in Latin America, including São Paulo, Brazil. As a result, Hostnet customers’ sites benefit from 2x faster load times on average. For the ones that needed more sophisticated performance features, Hostnet implemented Railgun™, Cloudflare’s dynamic content accelerator.

Managing Growth With Cloudflare

“Cloudflare’s Railgun is really unique and might be our favorite product, as it brings incredible geographical speed improvements, especially for our e-commerce customers” says Linden.

Cloudflare powered sites on Hostnet Brazil enjoy 51% bandwidth savings, decreasing the monthly variable bandwidth bill of the client sites. To take full advantage of these performance and security benefits, Hostnet utilizes a Cloudflare “default on” mode, which enables Cloudflare across all domains automatically.


“The partnership with Cloudflare represents a significant gain in performance and security for our customers. We are really proud to be among the first web hosts in Brazil to provide Cloudflare CDN & security to customers of all sizes,” says Linden.

Linden adds that when a Hostnet client opens an account their content is automatically replicated on the Cloudflare network, improving page load times, security, and search engine (SEO) results.

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Key Results

100% clean traffic

51% bandwidth savings

Dynamic content caching with Railgun™

Over 90% of Hostnet domains have already enabled Cloudflare CDN without the need for any technical support.

Kauê Linden
Director of Marketing