Law enforcement

Cloudflare runs a global network that provides security and performance enhancements for Internet facing websites and applications around the world. Cloudflare cannot remove content from the Internet that it does not host, and we generally do not collect or keep information regarding the end users of websites using our services. In responding to the narrow set of law enforcement requests for which we do have responsive information, it is not Cloudflare’s intent to make law enforcement’s job any harder … or easier.

Our approach to law enforcement requests

Require due process

All law enforcement requests we receive must strictly adhere to the due process of law and be subject to judicial oversight.

Respect privacy

It is Cloudflare's overriding privacy principle that any personal information provided to us by our customers is just that: personal and private. Our respect for our customers' privacy applies with equal force to commercial requests and to government or law enforcement requests.

Provide notice

It is our policy to notify our customers of a subpoena or other legal process requesting their account, billing, or other information before disclosure of information, unless legally prohibited.

Cloudflare will challenge law enforcement requests that do not comply with due process, are overly broad in scope, that conflict with the privacy laws of a person’s country of residence, or that unduly restrict our ability to notify our customers of the request. We report on our responses to government requests in our Transparency Report.

Requests for basic subscriber data

The most frequent law enforcement requests Cloudflare receives are requests for information that might be used to identify a Cloudflare customer. This basic subscriber data would include the information our customers provide at the time they sign up for our service, like name; email address; physical address; phone number; the means or source of payment of service; and non-content information about a customer’s account, such as data about login times and IP addresses used to login to the account. Unless there is an emergency, Cloudflare requires valid legal process such as a subpoena before providing this type of information.

How to contact Cloudflare

Law enforcement officials can contact us directly at To receive a response, you must clearly identify yourself as a law enforcement officer through your badge & case number, or other information such as your rank, agency, and unit. It is a crime to falsely impersonate a law enforcement official.

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