Why choose Cloudflare R2 vs Amazon S3?

Which object storage provider offers the most cost-effective solution for storing and retrieving data?

Say goodbye to budget-draining egress fees! With Cloudflare, you can effortlessly develop applications and securely archive your data, all at a cost-effective price. Experience unparalleled performance and top-notch security while keeping your expenses in check.

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The Exceptional Capabilities of R2

  • Automatic region selection provides you with optimized performance, high availability, and efficient data transfer by automatically determining the best storage region based on where data is uploaded from.

  • S3-compatible API enables your existing tools to operate seamlessly after migration.

  • Object lifecycles empowers you to automate data management, optimize storage costs, enforce compliance, and streamline workflows by defining rules that govern the lifecycle stages and actions performed on objects.

  • Public and private buckets give you control over data accessibility, enabling convenient sharing for public resources and ensuring security and privacy for sensitive or confidential data.

  • Undiscoverable bucket names strengthen data security by reducing the risk of unauthorized access and targeted attacks, safeguarding the confidentiality and integrity of stored data.

This comparison table is provided for informational purposes only. Prices are limited to the public fees as of 5/24/2023, and do not include taxes and any other fees. Amazon S3 price and egress fees are based on the tiered rates for S3 Standard in the US East region and data transfer fees from Amazon S3 to Internet as published on https://aws.amazon.com/s3/pricing/

See how much you can save with R2

Limitless scale at the lowest cost

Cheaper price doesn’t mean reduced scalability.

  • We provide zero-cost egress for stored objects — no matter your request rate.
  • With a predictable pricing model, you can easily predict costs as your storage volume and traffic grow.

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Illustration of the R2 Super Slurper

Migrate from S3 easily with the R2 Super Slurper

Quickly and easily copy objects from other cloud providers to an R2 bucket of your choice.

  • Move all your data to R2 in one giant slurp — all in a friendly, intuitive UI and API
  • Migration jobs created by R2 Migrator uses TLS encryption over HTTPS connections for safe and private object transfers.

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Illustration of the R2 Super Slurper

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