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Real-time, low-latency API coordination and consistent storage

Aplicativos colaborativos como salas de chat, jogos ou quadros de comunicação requerem uma forte consistência de estado para garantir que todos estejam trabalhando em todos os lugares com a versão mais atualizada. Execute aplicativos com estado na nuvem de conectividade da Cloudflare com o Durable Objects.

State consistency from a global network

Durable Objects allows you to store application state in a specific data center on our network, guaranteeing that all requests reach the same instance every time.

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Real-time coordination

Durable Objects automatically selects a coordination point close to your users, so you can minimize latency and make application changes in real time.

Embedded compute

With Durable Objects, your compute functions execute within the same serverless environment as your state — helping you build complex logic without impacting performance.

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On-demand scalability

Durable Objects can scale from zero to millions of objects in seconds, ensuring consistent access to your applications — even during peak traffic periods.


Build high-performing stateful applications from anywhere on our global network

A Durable Object is a special kind of Cloudflare Worker that processes requests in one of our data centers — available in over 320 cities worldwide.

Each Durable Object is single-threaded and has access to a stateful storage API, making it easy to build consistent, highly-available distributed applications with them.

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What our customers are saying

“By harnessing the capabilities of Cloudflare's Workers, Workers KV, and Durable Objects, I have seamlessly integrated advanced functionalities into my projects without the need for significant infrastructure investments.”

Developer — SIYA

Top Durable Objects use cases
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Create collaborative applications

Easily build, run, and scale collaborative applications — like real-time chat, video conferencing, game sessions, and more.

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Build dedicated game servers

Maintain accurate versions of multiplayer games to allow for customization and control over game settings.

Create and design global queues

Save time by automatically arranging inbound messages, suggestions, approvals, cases, and tasks.

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