Secure access to SaaS applications

SaaS applications enable your team to be more flexible and agile than ever before, but they can also introduce security risks, visibility challenges, and access control roadblocks.

Cloudflare helps you protect your data and meet compliance standards while still allowing your employees to use the tools that work for them.

Challenges of securing SaaS applications
Shadow IT leaves your IT team in the dark

When your IT team can’t see the SaaS applications your employees are using, they can’t protect the data that lives within those applications.

SaaS applications live outside of your team’s control

SaaS apps are hosted outside of the corporate network, so your IT team has limited control over the way users access those applications and move data in and out of them.

Users may share data across the wrong applications

When employees access the wrong instance of applications, they can store and share your data in the wrong places — opening the door to potential data leaks and other security threats.

Track and analyze the applications your employees use

Detect, catalogue, and manage all approved and unapproved applications within your organization, while maintaining full visibility over every connection and request in one centralized location.

Apply Zero Trust security to every SaaS application

Layer Zero Trust security measures in front of your SaaS applications, authenticating legitimate users and stopping unauthorized users or risky devices from accessing sensitive files and data.

Protect data within your corporate applications

Easily build and deploy Zero Trust policies to protect the data that lives within your SaaS tenants, while preventing your employees from accessing non-corporate instances of applications.

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