Cloudflare IPv6 Compatibility Tool Offer Terms

These Cloudflare IPv6 Compatibility Tool Offer Terms (“Offer Terms”) as well as our Self-Serve Subscription Agreement (collectively, the “Terms”) apply to the Promotional Credit described below. Subject to the Terms, by setting your AWS origin to IPv6 and enabling Cloudflare’s IPv6 compatibility tool, you will be eligible to receive a $43 USD promotional credit (“Promotional Credit”). Cloudflare reserves the right to cancel, modify, or change this offer at any time.

  1. Eligibility. You must have a valid Cloudflare account and be a subscriber to either a Pro or Business plan as described here, a Workers Paid plan, or paid R2 services to receive and redeem a Promotional Credit. You must be 18 years of age or older to participate. If you are a government entity or other entity that is subject to special rules governing your receipt of a Promotional Credit, you may not use or receive Promotional Credit directly unless agreed by your organization in writing.

  2. Requirements. In order to receive a Promotional Credit applied to your account: (i) you must opt in to the offer by filling out the Google form [here]; (ii) you must have one or more AWS origin(s) that are using an IPv6 address; (iii) Cloudflare’s IPv6 Compatibility tool must be enabled on your account; (iv) Internet traffic of at least 1 request per second (averaged over the applicable 6-month period) must be running on your connection continuously for 6 months; and (v) at least 99% of the traffic running from the Cloudflare network to your AWS origin on such connection must be coming to IPv6 addresses (vs. IPv4 addresses) (collectively, the “Requirements”).

  3. Application of Promotional Credits. Upon successful completion of the Requirements, one Promotional Credit will be applied directly to your account. The Promotional Credit will be automatically applied to the next billing period. If your next bill is less than $43, the remainder of the Promotional Credit will be applied to the subsequent billing period(s) until the full value of the Promotional Credit has been applied. Promotional Credits expire one year from the date on which we apply the Promotional Credit to your Cloudflare account. You are solely responsible for reporting and paying any applicable taxes.

  4. Restrictions. This offer is limited to one Promotional Credit per customer regardless of how many Cloudflare accounts you have. You may not sell or otherwise transfer the Promotional Credit. Promotional Credit may be applied only to your own Cloudflare account. Promotional Credit has no intrinsic value, is not redeemable for cash, has no cash value, and is nonrefundable. Promotional Credit may not be purchased for cash, and we and our affiliates do not sell Promotional Credit. If you delete your account or your account is terminated by Cloudflare at any time for any reason, all outstanding credits will be lost. Promotional Credit is void in the event of fraud, misuse, or violation of any terms or conditions of the Terms. Promotional Credit is void if sold for cash or other consideration. Accounts that are determined by Cloudflare to have been created solely for the purpose of obtaining Promotional Credit shall not obtain the Promotional Credit, at the sole discretion of Cloudflare. In addition to any other legal relief available to us, you will reimburse us for the amount of any Promotional Credit you use in violation of these Terms.

  5. Representations and Warranties. By accepting Promotional Credit, you represent and warrant that your receipt and use of Promotional Credit is not prohibited or inconsistent with any applicable laws, regulations, or binding orders (including applicable ethics or procurement rules) and will not create a conflict of interest for your organization.

  6. Use of Data. Cloudflare collects personal data, in accordance with its privacy policy. Please review Cloudflare’s privacy policy at

  7. Modification. We may modify these Offer Terms at any time by posting a revised version.