Cloudflare vs. AWS CloudFront

Users say Cloudflare offers better performance, simpler management, and cost savings
Cloudflare vs. AWS Cloudfront

Cloudflare’s CDN gives your website or application fast Internet speed and crucial cost savings — with simple, streamlined management. It also offers unlimited DDoS protection at a fixed rate, making it a strong choice over CloudFront for most businesses.

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Cloudflare vs. AWS Cloudfront

Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud keeps websites fast (and secure) everywhere on Earth.

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Our CDN is an integral part of the Cloudflare connectivity cloud, a unified platform of cloud-native services that provide fast, secure connectivity between any user, website, and infrastructure. It’s built on a global network that spans more than 320 cities, offers more than 280 Tbps Tbps of network capacity, and serves many of the world’s largest applications.

All of this means you can get enterprise-grade CDN services entirely for free — along with free built-in security functionality to keep your site safe from the largest attacks.

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Top analysts identify Cloudflare’s CDN as a “Leader”

Cloudflare CDN vs AWS CloudFront CDN

Recent reports by IDC1 and GigaOM2 both name Cloudflare as a “Leader” in the CDN space, with the former highlighting “[Cloudflare]’s self-serve portal and capabilities that include dashboards with detailed analytics as well as actionable content delivery and security analytics.” We believe this recognition is validation of our investments in making our CDN both highly performant and easy to use.

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Cloudflare CDN vs AWS CloudFront CDN

Improve your web performance by 30% with Argo Smart Routing

Improve your web performance by 30% with Argo Smart Routing Argo Smart Routing supercharges the Cloudflare CDN by using data from millions of requests to route your traffic across the fastest and most reliable network paths. Instantly improve site speed, reliability, and reduce cloud egress costs with minimal changes to your configuration.

Reduce server strain and latency with Load Balancing

Load Balancing distributes traffic evenly across your healthy servers, automatically failing over when a server is unhealthy or unresponsive. Cloudflare makes it easy to set up load balancing and monitor your servers at configurable intervals and across multiple data centers to look for specific status codes, response text, and timeouts.