SolCyber partners with Cloudflare to deliver managed preemptive cloud email security to the mid-market.

  • Mid-market customers face challenges with stopping account takeover attacks and business email compromise (BEC)
  • Existing email solutions are often unsuccessful in detecting and stopping advanced attacks
  • Inaccurate detections create downstream problems for MSSPs and their customers

This video features Scott McCrady, CEO of SolCyber

Tell us about yourself and your company.

Scott McCrady: I'm Scott McCrady, CEO for SolCyber. SolCyber is a modern MSSP, insomuch that we take what we've learned over the years from working with Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies, and we take that technology and package it into very easy-to-consume modules for the mid-market and small enterprises.

Why did you choose to build Cloudflare into your managed security offering?

Scott McCrady: We chose to use Cloudflare for our email security solution for the simple fact that email often is the entry point for bad people to get footholds into the organization. Account takeovers and business email compromise are critical problems that especially mid-market customers face. The way Cloudflare goes about their solution with their web crawlers and their understanding of the attack surface when it comes to email, they are truly second to none when it comes to understanding advanced attacks and protecting our customers.

How does the Cloudflare Solution improve the management and operation of your SOC?

Scott McCrady: Cloudflare helps our SOC in the fact that it's very, very high fidelity. What really matters for our customers is accuracy and catching the bad guys. And so if your email solution isn't high fidelity and also able to address and see advanced attacks, then you're left blind. And so from our standpoint, we have to know what the bad guys are doing. Cloudflare is exceptional at finding them and then putting that information in front of our analysts so that we can review it, double check it, correlate it with any other incidents or information we see from other devices and technologies, and let our customers know how to remediate or resolve any problems.

How do you use Cloudflare to provide additional value to customers?

Scott McCrady: Cloudflare provides exceptional value to our customers in two different ways. The first is accuracy on quarantining of emails. It's important that the bad stuff gets quarantined, and the good stuff gets through. They're very accurate on quarantines. From a SOC standpoint, from a customer standpoint, we're not consistently having to go in and quarantine items. The secondary value is around business email compromise and account takeovers. This is a real big challenge for most email solutions to get ahead of that problem and be able to detect it. Cloudflare, again, is exceptional at finding those types of activities and helping our customers know when that's happening, and helping us know when it's happening so that we can let the customers know.

What would you tell a customer about Cloudflare? What about a prospective partner?

Scott McCrady: What I think is important for customers to understand is that in the sea of 3,500 vendors out there, Cloudflare just works. It works great. It's somebody that they can have faith in, you can trust in them that their product’s going to do what they say it does. It’s easy to install, has great details in the dashboards, and is a great solution. From a prospective partner standpoint, it really matters that one, the technology works, but two, that the vendors themselves understand channels and partnering and Cloudflare understands this in great, great detail. So it doesn't matter whether or not you're a VAR or an MSSP, they understand your business model, and they designed Cloudflare in the commercial models to really support you.

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Key Results
  • Cloudflare accurately quarantines phish, finds and stops business email compromise and account takeover attacks
  • MSSP customers protected against BEC attacks, account takeovers, and advanced phishing campaigns
  • SolCyber’s SOC team is able to provide better security metrics and reporting for customers

Cloudflare just works. It works great … you can trust in them that their product’s going to do what they say it does.

Scott McCrady

Cloudflare helps our SOC in the fact that it's very, very high fidelity. What really matters for our customers is accuracy and catching the bad guys.

Scott McCrady