Diario de Araxa

“Unfortunately we work in a country where journalism is always attacked and often censored.”

Diário de Araxá is a small town online newspaper located in southern Brazil. “Our goal is to share unbiased quality information,” explained Daniel Honorato, head of technology for Diário De Araxá. “Always listening to both sides of the story we try to give people a fair and accurate account of what’s going on.”

Delivering Uncensored News Online

While publishing unbiased, quality news on it’s own can be a challenge, Diário de Araxá also faced online attacks attempting to knock the site offline. “Unfortunately we work in a country where journalism is always attacked and often censored,” Honorato related, “whether by hackers, big business owners or even local politicians. Recently, the amount of brute force attacks to our login page significantly increased and we had some attempts to insert malicious links onto our site.”

Deserved Protection

Without the resources to defend against these attacks alone, Diário de Araxá searched for help. We turned to online forums and resources meant for people in our situation, said Honorato, we noticed a user mentioning Cloudflare’s Project Galileo. I always thought well of their technology so we applied for Project Galileo protection.

The news site has been issue free since. Honorato and his team have been tremendously pleased with the results: “It’s amazing how the whole site got much faster,” he commented. “It was almost instantaneous. We had a huge reduction in the amount of spam we had in the comments, and the brute-force attacks went from over 6 an hour to being virtually gone.”