Kingsoft Cloud

Cloudflare and Kingsoft Cloud partner to reduce data transfer fees

Kingsoft Cloud has been consistently ranked among the top three cloud companies in China according to the IDC reports, offering full-fledged public and hybrid cloud solutions. They are also the largest independent cloud storage supplier in China. They specialize in video cloud, game cloud, and industry-focused cloud solutions. Kingsoft Cloud empowers more than 90 percent of popular livecasts and short video apps, and works with 90 percent of the top 100 mobile game developers.


Kingsoft Cloud puts customers first. We are committed to work with Cloudflare to build a safer, smarter and more cost-effective public/hybrid cloud and storage for our mutual customers. The Bandwidth Alliance is just the beginning of the multi-faceted collaborations between Cloudflare and Kingsoft Cloud.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

On top of its competitive prices, Kingsoft Cloud will offer free data transfer to all shared customers.