Build applications for the modern cloud

Deploy serverless code, globally with exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

Build web functions and applications without configuring or maintaining infrastructure when it’s deployed globally to over 320 data centers around the world on Cloudflare’s global network.

Build powerful serverless applications

From fast and light to longer running and more CPU-intensive workloads, code is deployed and executes globally reducing network round-trips and providing exceptional performance, reliability, and scale.

Scale projects with built-in security

Scale projects with built-in security

Get the security and reliability you need with out-of-the-box tools from Cloudflare’s secure ecosystem. Workers offers robust security built in including:

  • WAF
  • DDoS protection
  • Highly reliable DNS & CDN network
  • Latest web standards (HTTP3/QUIC)
  • Mutual TLS Authentication for Workers
Scale projects with built-in security

Deploy code without configurations

With automated configuration, deployment, scale, and agile Developer services, developers can spend more time coding and building new products with the resources needed for scale, performance, security and reliability.

Expand your toolkit with Workers Integration Marketplace

Expand your toolkit with developer products to easily discover, configure and deploy products to use with Workers. The Workers Integration Marketplace enables developers to bring any products of their choice to Cloudflare Workers.

Key Features

Service bindings to send request from one Worker to another
Automatic configuration of certificates, origin servers and DNS
Run periodic jobs or maintenance tasks with Cron Triggers
Lower latency with zero cold-starts
DB connectors
Transparent pricing
Capture metrics on Workers utilization with Workers Analytics Engine
Debug and troubleshoot with tracing & logging
Improve visibility and debugging with events collected via Workers Logpush
Wrangler, a command-line tool for building Workers
Ecosystem of developer tools
Mutual TLS Authentication for Workers
Run browser automation directly in Workers (Puppeteer)

Intelligent code execution

Workloads run from the most optimal location with Smart Placement. Cloudflare intelligently executes code closer to the data or closer to the user for the best performance possible.

Build better experiences

Build great software and applications with easy-to use developer tools. Developers build deploy and update code while Cloudflare manages configuring auto-scaling, load balancers, or paying for capacity you don’t use.

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Workers Pricing Plans

All plans come with a free subdomain.



Starting at $5 / month

Incremental cost

Maximum number of scripts



Max CPU time

10 ms per request

30 million ms/month

$0.02 per million CPU milliseconds

Included requests

Hard limit 100,000/day

10 million / month

$0.30 / million

Workers storage

Included Workers KV read operations

100,000 / day

10,000,000 / month

$0.50 / million

Included Workers KV write, delete, and list operations

1,000 / day

1,000,000 / month

$5.00 / million

Included KV storage

1 GB

1 GB

$0.50 / GB-month

Included Durable Objects requests



$0.15 / million