D1 Database

Build natively serverless SQL databases

Deploying and maintaining a database shouldn’t be harder than building the application around it. Create a serverless relational database in seconds with D1. With a familiar SQL query language, point-in-time recovery, and cost-effective pricing you are empowered to build the next big thing.

  • Built on SQLite
  • Native serverless architecture
  • SQL based dialect
  • Built-in JSON parsing and querying functions
  • Support for full-text search and triggers

Build and deploy unlimited databases

Databases are a key part of building any full-stack application. Build infinitely scalable composable databases with Cloudflare’s D1 database.

Infinite scalability with cost effective pricing

Implementations are often a massive point of friction, slowing down the innovation process. Our natively serverless architecture enables developers to scale databases without excessive costs.

Built on one of the most popular and widely used SQL query engines in the world

No need for your teams to familiarize themselves with a proprietary query language, D1 uses a SQL based query language enabling you to use the drivers and ORMs you're familiar with.

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Workers Free ( $0/mo)

Workers Paid ( $5/mo)

Rows Read

5 million / Day

First 25B / month included + $0.001 / million rows

Rows Written

100K / day

First 50M / month included + $1.00 / million rows


5GB (total)

First 5GB included + $0.75 / GB-month

D1 bills based on:
  • Usage: Queries you issue against D1 will count as rows read, rows written, or both (for transactions or batches).
  • Scale-to-zero: You are not billed for hours or capacity units. If you are not issuing queries against your database, you are not billed for compute.
  • Storage: You are only billed for storage above the included limits of your plan.

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