Fast-growing cloud infrastructure company D2iQ combats spear phishing

D2iQ makes it easier to build and run Kubernetes at scale, and helps companies simplify and scale their IT operations through a carefully integrated and automated containerized platform. The company values fast, flexible deployment and operational simplicity. Those same values informed their search for the right vendor to protect their organization from targeted cyberattacks and theft of valuable intellectual property (IP).

D2iQ hosts its email on Google’s cloud platform. Although Google takes care of high-volume spam, D2iQ found that low-volume targeted phishing emails were still sneaking by, leaving their organization at risk. Before Cloudflare Area 1, more than 100 phishing messages per week were evading their existing filters and reaching inboxes. D2iQ was concerned about their high exposure to phishing messages. Cloudflare Area 1 was able to provide D2iQ with a best-in-class targeted phishing service that improved the company’s Google Cloud security posture.


In today’s landscape, many businesses deal with the growing pains associated with rapid expansion. During high-speed growth, it can be difficult to apply strict security to all areas of vulnerability, particularly those that require human vigilance.

D2iQ wanted to understand the extent of its exposure to phishing attacks. After performing a phishing simulation at the company that targeted approximately 106 employees in all functions and at all levels, 76% of the targeted employees clicked on the phishing email - a total of 117 clicks.

This phishing simulation was eye-opening. Even with awareness and education programs, the best results could only reduce those rates, not put an end to them. D2iQ decided to employ a security solution that would take the onus of protection off its employees and that would work in conjunction with its current messaging solution.


Because it offered seamless integration with their existing infrastructure and required little to no additional resources to operate, Area 1 was the perfect fit to protect D2iQ from targeted phishing attacks.

Together with Google Suite, Area 1 provides D2iQ with comprehensive email protection. Google filters out spam and commodity threats, while Area 1 hones in on the targeted phishing emails, detecting and dropping extremely low volume, targeted phishing messages. With this protection in place, D2iQ doesn’t have to rely on its end users to spot and thwart devious attacks. Area 1 helps D2iQ stay efficient, automated, and integrated in its security practices, keeping operations agile, and aligning with their core values.

While the task of outsourcing cybersecurity efforts can seem complicated and mysterious, especially to businesses without large security teams, the Area 1 helps companies secure their inboxes by providing a single, simple, cloud-native service.

“The reason we chose Cloudflare Area 1 is because of its sophistication in addressing phishing attacks and its high level of communication with its customers,” said Tobi Knaup, D2iQ co-founder and CEO.

Right away, Area 1 stopped more than 21,000 phishing attacks out of a total volume of more than 10 million messages received. While seemingly small — just 0.2% of overall message traffic — this number represents upwards of 90% of potential breaches.

Hyper-focused on custom-targeted, one-of-a-kind phishing attacks, Area 1 ensures true inbox safety for its customers. Area 1 arms D2iQ with full-coverage email protection using one simple integration, keeping the company quick, nimble, and secure.

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    Key Results
    • Cloudflare Area 1 stopped more than 21,000 phishing attacks within a total volume of more than 10 million messages

    • Comprehensive cloud-native email protection aligns with the company's agile, cloud-based core values

    • No additional security resources were needed to operate Area 1, enabling D2iQ to focus on other priorities

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    The reason we chose Cloudflare Area 1 is because of its sophistication in addressing phishing attacks and its high level of communication with its customers.

    Tobi Knaup
    Co-founder & CEO