Cloudflare Analytics

Comprehensive web performance and security analytics
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Cloudflare tracks and analyzes web performance and security metrics across all of your domains, without impacting site speed or end-user experience.

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Get granular visibility into your cache

See exactly which resources are cached on your website — then, make configuration changes to improve cache-hit ratios.

Filter analytics by domain or product

Measure and track analytics for individual domains, products, or events.

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Democratize data analysis

Query your own virtual data warehouse and create custom analytics dashboards with our GraphQL Analytics API.

How it works

Get actionable insights into your web performance and security

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Cloudflare Analytics are available from a single, flexible API endpoint, with zero setup or code deployment required.

Easy-to-use dashboards provide a comprehensive overview of your traffic and security posture — helping you analyze threats, cache-hit rates, and user patterns.

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What our customers are saying

“I’ve worked with GraphQL APIs for a little while now and am excited that Cloudflare is using this technology to provide analytics. The flexibility it offers will make it easy to understand how to improve our cache rate and debug errors being reported by our customers.”

Senior Cloud Consultant — MediaMarkt

Top analytics use cases

Cloudflare Analytics helps you manage and improve your web performance and security with actionable, product-specific insights

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DNS Analytics

Dig into your DNS query traffic and track the geographical distribution of your queries over time.

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Firewall Analytics

Filter firewall events by source or action — and distinguish between actual threats and false positives.

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Load Balancing Analytics

Investigate and monitor load balance behavior during peak traffic and failover periods.

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