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Cloudflare Analytics

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Cloudflare Analytics empowers you with deep insights and intelligence to protect and accelerate your Internet property.

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Granular visibility into your cache

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Get actionable insights into the caching of your website for a better cache-hit ratio and further drive down your bandwidth costs.

  • See exactly what resources on your website are cached and what aren’t. Make configuration changes to improve cache-hit ratios.
  • Get dashboard views of your website performance based on the Requests served and data transfer to optimize for performance as well as cost-savings.
  • Filter by hostnames, or see a list of top URLs that missed cache using intuitive drill-down graphs right from the dashboard.
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Dashboards with insights at the level you need

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Start with a high-level overview of your traffic, security, and performance.

Drill down to product-specific dashboards to get the full story.

  • See the number of total requests, requests cached, bandwidth saved, and unique visitors.
  • Dive into analytics for an individual domain or get a consolidated view of the analytics for all the domains in your account on a single page.
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Democratize data with the GraphQL Analytics API

The GraphQL Analytics API is the engine that powers all the product analytics on the Cloudflare dashboard.

With a standard and flexible syntax, query your own virtual data warehouse full of metrics and logs regarding the performance, security, and reliability of your Internet property. Build dashboards with flexible filtering, sorting, and drilling down or rolling up.

We’re democratizing data by empowering you to build powerful, sophisticated, and bespoke analytics dashboards – that are meaningful to you.

Real-time monitoring = Improved availability

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Cloudflare monitoring tools help you debug origin server issues and accelerate remediation efforts in the case of downtime.

Due to Cloudflare’s unique vantage point at the network edge, it is well-positioned to monitor the health of your server (actively or passively) and notify you when it’s down.

No need for third-party origin monitoring tools.

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