Cloudflare Email Routing

A free and private way to create and manage email addresses
Cloudflare Email Routing - paper planes representing emails travel left to right

Create custom email addresses for your domain and route messages to your preferred inbox — all without ever exposing your primary email address.

Cloudflare Email Routing - paper planes representing emails travel left to right
Private by design & anti-spam

Email Routing is 100% private; Cloudflare will not store or access email content. We use phishing detection to prevent spam from being forwarded.

Free and easy to configure

Creating custom addresses and forwarding messages to your inbox is free. DNS records are created automatically and protected from accidental changes.

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Advanced analytics

Access insights on the number of emails sent to you, whether they were forwarded or dropped, and delivery success at your destination mailbox.

Process emails programmatically

Route to Cloudflare Workers to program custom logic for processing your emails.


Route emails efficiently

Area 1 email security

Email Routing acts as an intelligent router at the transport layer, handling and modifying the SMTP envelope to deliver the message at its final destination while preserving the original headers and keeping the body intact in real time.

Area 1 email security

Learn how Cloudflare can preemptively detect and stop phishing attacks with Cloud Email Security

Top Email Routing use cases

Email Routing is the most straightforward way to create any number of email addresses that are redirected to the mailbox that you, your family, or your team are already using.

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Individual users

Create addresses for different needs, so you are not sharing your private email with newsletters and businesses.

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Designate addresses for each family member and for specific purposes, such as an address for household bills.


Route emails for different types of inquiries, such as sales and support, and easily control who receives these messages.

Helping individuals and businesses simplify their inboxes

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