Built for resilience

The Internet was built to be resilient, flexible, and adaptable. We are seeing this same resilience among our customers: businesses and non-profits forced to adapt in response to massive changes in online behavior. Cloudflare has amassed a wealth of information about the pandemic’s effect on Internet traffic, usage, and threats. Learn about the changes we’re seeing and hear stories of how our customers are adapting, evolving, and moving forward.


Powering nonprofits

RaiseDonors tells us about how they're using Cloudflare to secure and power nonprofits so they can advance their missions.

Securing the COVID symptom study app

Hear how ZOE tapped Cloudflare to secure its COVID-19 Symptom Study App and deliver performance and reliability for over 3 million users.

New data: The pandemic's effect on the world wide web

The global COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping Internet traffic patterns. Drill into our data by city, site category and attack type.


Trends and insights

Featured article

Learn how shelter-in-place has altered the DDoS landscape.


Keeping everyone connected and secure while working remotely

Cloudflare for Teams is free through September 1, 2020

We are committed to helping the business community during this challenging time. Cloudflare is offering unlimited seats of Cloudflare for Teams and a free 30-minute onboarding session through September 1, 2020. Use Cloudflare for Teams to easily and securely connect to internal apps while working remotely-without the need for a VPN.

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