Introducing Cloudflare Fonts

Enhancing Website Font Privacy and Speed

Each time a website loads fonts from Google, a data exchange is initiated with Google's servers where the user’s browser sends requests directly to Google. Google can potentially accumulate a range of user data based on this exchange, including IP addresses, user agents and more.

This data exchange also affects website performance due to multiple round trips to and from Google servers as well as additional DNS lookups and TLS connection overhead.

With Cloudflare Fonts, websites can effortlessly load their fonts from the website’s own domain rather than from Google Fonts, all with the click of a button.

Cloudflare Fonts enable websites to:

  • Enhance user privacy by eliminating the data exchange between browsers and Google’s third-party servers
  • Minimize latency by minimizing DNS lookups and TLS connection overheads
  • Boost site performance by bringing fonts closer to end users

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