Welcome to Developer Week 2022

All the building blocks to create & deploy full-stack applications on Cloudflare.
ICYMI: Developer Week 2022 announcements

This week we made over 30 announcements, in case you missed any here’s a quick round-up.

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Send Cloudflare Workers logs to a destination of your choice with Workers Trace Events Logpush

Workers Trace Events Logpush gives new levels of visibility into Workers invocations, console.log messages and errors. It is now available to everyone on the Workers Paid and Enterprise plans!

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Network performance update: Developer Week 2022

Cloudflare did the measurements to prove we’re the fastest developer platform, beating out all the other competition.

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Twilio Segment Edge SDK powered by Cloudflare Workers

With Segment Edge SDK, built on Cloudflare Workers, developers can collect high-quality first-party data and use Segment Edge SDK to access realtime user profiles and state, to deliver personalized app experiences without managing a ton of infrastructure.

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How Cloudflare instruments services using Workers Analytics Engine

Learn how Cloudflare uses our own Workers Analytics Engine product to capture analytics about our own products!

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Doubling down on local development with Workers: Miniflare meets workerd

Today, we’re taking local development to the next level by releasing Miniflare 3, powered by the open-source workerd runtime, along with support for migrating existing dashboard projects and using real data locally.

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Improving Workers TypeScript support: accuracy, ergonomics and interoperability

We’re excited to announce the next major release of Workers TypeScript definitions with a bunch of improvements, and the open-sourcing of the new automatic generation scripts.

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CFTV - What launched today: observability

Friday, November 18 9:00 - 9:30AM PT

Dawn Parzych, Tanushree Sharma, Jon Levine, Brendan Coll, & Kabir Sikand

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