Build collaborative applications

Collaborative apps, like chat rooms, games, or whiteboards, require strong consistency of state to ensure everybody is working with the most up to date version. Durable Objects enables you to build and run stateful applications on Cloudflare’s global network.

Maintain state

Store the state of your application from a single data center close to the end-user or in a location defined by the development team. Guaranteed that all requests reach the same instance on Cloudflare’s global network.

Scale on demand

With near limitless scale, Durable Objects can scale from 0 to millions in a matter of seconds. Ensuring your application can handle surges of traffic during peak times.

Embedded Compute

Build complex logic without a performance tax when your compute functions execute within the same serverless environment as your state.

Key benefits

Maintain strong consistency of state as code executes from a single data center.
Automatic failover to eliminate a single point of failure.
Schedule alarms to run at a regular cadence or batch requests.

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Pricing plans

Durable Objects is only available with paid Workers plans.

Included with paid plan

Cost per additional units

Read request units

1,000,000 / month

$0.20 / million

Write requests

1,000,000 / month

$1.00 / million

Delete requests

1,000,000 / month

$1.00 / million

Stored data

1 GB

$0.20 / GB-month

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