Werner Enterprises

This video features Daragh Mahon, EVP & CIO of Werner Enterprises, and Danny Lilley, VP & CTO of Werner Enterprises

Daragh Mahon: We are a truckload carrier, which means we carry full truckloads. We're in the top 5 biggest truckload carriers in the US.

We really take care of our customers. We say it to ourselves all of the time - "We're not a truckload carrier, we're a service provider." Our whole purpose in life is to make sure that our constituents, which are our customers, which are our drivers, and our associates, our shippers, and our carriers are taken care of. They use technology, they get it in the simplest form so that it fades into the background and just does its job for them.

Danny Lilley: So our top IT priorities at Werner right now are really modernizing our entire technology stack from the ground up. We're building a scalable, cloud, and API-based system.

If you look at the cyber security space, there are so many pieces of software, so many solutions out there. What we like about Cloudflare is the ability to consolidate a lot of those into one platform.

As we've rolled out Cloudflare, we certainly feel our security stack is stronger and more secure than where we were.

Our experience with Area 1 has been great. We were able to get it rolled out very quickly, and we've seen an immediate benefit and impact.

What Area 1 has provided is, it's eliminated a number of threats that make it to our end users. But additionally, it's eliminated a number of spam and other emails, so it's been helpful in that way as well.

We've rolled out Area 1, and some of our users have said, "What's going on here? What happened to all of my email?" And then we've explained to them that we've rolled out a new solution that eliminates a lot of the junk. It's been a good experience for our users as well.

Daragh Mahon: You know, I hear from our tech guys and our engineers that they love working with your team and that it feels like a partnership. It feels like you care about your customers, about us. It just feels like a good fit for Werner and Cloudflare.