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Secure employee and vendor accounts with email security
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Preemptively detect and protect against email-borne malware, BEC, and multi-channel phishing attacks with Cloudflare’s Cloud Email Security.

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Combat phishing threats with email security services

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Today’s sophisticated phishing attacks are still getting through traditional secure email gateways (SEGs) and bypassing email authentication measures. Campaigns like malware-less business email compromise (BEC), account takeovers, insider threats, or QR phishing threats are difficult to detect, leaving organizations, employees, and vendors vulnerable to exploitation.

With email security services, organizations can isolate and block multi-channel attacks, detect highly-deceptive BEC attempts, and block malicious attachments and links to protect employees and vendors before, during, and after email delivery.

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Benefits of using email security services

Preventing ransomware and other malware based attacks by blocking malicious links on end-user devices
Stopping business email compromise (BEC) and other email fraud by detecting employee and vendor impersonation attempts
Blocking and isolating multi-channel attacks, including QR code phishing scams and deferred attacks
Enhancing existing Gmail and Microsoft built-in security services while improving email hygiene with anti-spam, anti-spoof, and anti-malware features

Use cases for email security services

Stop business email compromise threats

Advanced techniques for fighting financial phishing fraud.

Email link isolation

Opening suspicious email links in an isolated browser neutralizes potential malware. Learn more about Cloudflare Browser Isolation.

Combat multi-channel phishing

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn about multi-channel phishing attacks, how users are exploited through email and web browsing, and methods to insulate users from malicious threats.

Reduce phishing risks with Zero Trust

Learn why security decision-makers are concerned about multi-channel phishing and how Zero Trust can decrease risk and improve business continuity.

Email security for critical industries

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In today’s digital environment, robust email security solutions are a must-have across all industries, including government, ecommerce, healthcare, and finance. A proactive email security approach is critical to maintaining data confidentiality, safeguarding financial transactions, protecting sensitive government communications, and ensuring business continuity.

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