Make phishing defenses seamless with Yubico and Cloudflare Zero Trust

Targeted phishing attacks aim to manipulate people into giving up sensitive information or access, and are a dangerous threat vector for organizations of any size. Through our partnership with Yubico, Cloudflare is making hardware keys more accessible and cost-efficient than ever.

Partnership Overview

We are making keys available for any customer at “good for the Internet” pricing, easily integrating with Cloudflare’s Zero Trust service. YubiKeys will be accessible directly through the Cloudflare dashboard to help customers mitigate sophisticated attacks and remove all friction in adopting a hardware security key model.

This collaboration aims to make it simple and seamless for organizations of all sizes to acquire, activate, and authenticate with security keys.

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The (hardware) key to making phishing defense seamless with Cloudflare Zero Trust and Yubico

Learn how Cloudflare and Yubico’s partnership makes phishing defense seamless and cheap to help end phishing attacks once and for all.

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Cloudflare TV

Defending against phishing with security keys

Listen to our panel of speakers discuss the partnership with Yubico and democratizing access to hard keys.

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Solution & Product Guides

Yubico partner brief

Read more about Cloudflare’s partnership with Yubico and how you can benefit.

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Cloudflare democratizes spoof-proof security; makes hardware security keys more accessible than ever for millions of customers because it's good for the Internet

Discover how Cloudflare and Yubico are making hardware security keys more accessible than ever.

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