The CTO Show

The CTO role varies enormously from company to company. In this series, Cloudflare CTO John Graham-Cumming speaks with CTOs from across the industry to understand their role and how they ended up in it.

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Josh Butts

Josh Butts is the CTO at Ziff Media Group. Previously he was VP of Engineering at, which was acquired by Ziff Davis in 2016.

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Justin Cormack

Justin Cormack is the CTO of Docker. He is also a member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation Technical Oversight Committee.

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Rajiv Pant

Rajiv Pant is an entrepreneur, former CTO & CPO of The Wall Street Journal, and former CTO of The New York Times. He also previously served as Vice President, Digital Technology at Conde Nast and Reddit.

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Andy Nallappan

Andy Nallappan is the CTO & Head of Software Business Operations at Broadcom. Previously he served as VP and CIO of Broadcom's Global Technology and Solutions Organization.

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Jason Warner

Jason Warner is the CTO of GitHub. He was previously VP of Engineering at Heroku, and Head of Engineering of Ubuntu Desktop.

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