Cloudflare and Scaleway partner to reduce data transfer fees

Scaleway’s mission is to deliver ultra easy and performant cloud infrastructure through their fleet of Baremetal and Virtual SSD Cloud Servers to make infrastructure as easy as pie. They take care of your infrastructure needs, allowing their customers to focus on their projects rather than micromanagement. Recently, Scaleway has announced their managed Kubernetes service and Scaleway Object Storage - a simple, scalable, fast and reliable object storage platform.


Scaleway is excited to support the Bandwidth Alliance and see others in the industry adopting our pro-consumer model. We believe that all internet users should be able to take advantage of the web’s increasing interconnectedness without arbitrary network caps, limits, or slow-downs. Simplicity and transparency are key to how we interact with customers and strive to be as a company. Our affordable, all-unmetered plans are backed by a 5Tbps network, guaranteeing that we will be able to take full advantage of the Bandwidth Alliance’s mission and execution.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Scaleway believes in unmetered bandwidth and is committed to working with the Bandwidth Alliance on advocating for all-unmetered plans on customer connections.

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Introducing the Bandwidth Alliance

Learn how Cloudflare and Scaleway partnered to reduce egress fees in this Bandwidth Alliance announcement blog post.

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