Build serverless applications with Cloudflare Workers KV

Serverless key-value storage for applications on Cloudflare

Cloudflare Workers KV provides access to a secure low latency key-value store at all of the data centers in Cloudflare's global network. Developers can use Cloudflare Workers and Workers KV to augment existing applications or to build entirely new applications on top of Cloudflare's global cloud network. Workers KV scales seamlessly to support applications serving dozens or millions of users.

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Build more with serverless storage

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Building serverless applications with fast global response times requires moving compute and storage closer to the user. Cloudflare created a serverless execution environment at all of Cloudflare's data centers in our global network, but customers still faced the time-intensive and complex task of managing their own storage. With Workers KV, low-latency global application access to a scalable key-value store is only an API call away.

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Responsive applications anywhere
Serverless applications running on Cloudflare Workers receive low latency access to a globally distributed key-value store. Cloudflare Workers KV achieves this low latency by caching replicas of the keys and values in Cloudflare's global cloud network.
Build without scaling concerns
Cloudflare Workers KV lets developers focus their time on adding new capabilities to their serverless applications instead of wasting time scaling their key-value stores.

Create targeted ecommerce experiences


Using Workers KV to quickly access data, generate customized pages just as quickly as serving static sites. This makes it possible to add shopping cart data to ecommerce sites, target marketing to subsets of visitors, and significantly reduce latency for a whole host of applications.


Enforce custom authorization and authentication


Store session tokens or other user information to quickly ensure the right user has access to the right content. Move the authentication layer out of applications and into the network itself to improve site speed while reducing the threat of application-level authentication vulnerabilities.


Customize application behavior


Store and return custom content based on user, session, cookie, or any other request attribute. Perform low latency injection of personalized content from Workers KV into any cached or uncached template before returning it to the user.


Deploy granular tests


Run A/B tests or stage release rollouts on a per-user basis. Use Cloudflare Workers KV to store millions of tests that can be quickly run from Workers anywhere in the world. Write analytics back to Workers KV or any other analytics services directly from the Worker.


Remember specific attackers


Stop cheaters, spammers, trolls, and other attackers by storing IPs, user IDs, or any relevant data in Cloudflare Workers KV. Easily write to and run quick checks against large block lists to prevent attackers from reaching protected applications and posting, registering, or performing other undesired actions.

What's Included

Included for free
  • 1 GB - Key-value storage space
  • 100,000 - Key-value reads per day
  • 1,000 - Key-value writes per day
  • 1,000 - Key-value deletes per day
  • 1,000 - Key-value lists per day

Included with Workers Paid
  • 1 GB - Key-value storage space
  • 10M - Key-value reads per month
  • 1M - Key-value writes per month
  • 1M - Key-value deletes per month
  • 1M - Key-value lists per month

Additional usage
  • $0.50 GB/month - Additional storage
  • $0.50/ 1M - Additional key-value reads
  • $5/ 1M - Additional key-value writes
  • $5/ 1M - Additional key-value deletes
  • $5/ 1M - Additional key-value lists

Key Features

Accessible from all 275 Cloudflare locations
Supports values up to 25 MB
Supports keys up to 512 Bytes
Read and write from Cloudflare Workers
API to write to Workers KV from 3rd party applications
Uses Cloudflare’s robust caching infrastructure
Set arbitrary TTLs for values
Integrates with Workers Preview