CrowdStrike + Cloudflare

Identify, investigate, and remediate threats faster with Cloudflare and CrowdStrike

Cloudflare and CrowdStrike are partnering to extend Zero Trust across devices, applications, and corporate networks. Our partnership combines the power of Cloudflare’s expansive network and Zero Trust suite, with CrowdStrike’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and incident remediation offerings.

Endpoint Integration

Cloudflare and CrowdStrike have partnered to make it easy for organizations of all sizes to build Zero Trust policies based on CrowdStrike’s Zero Trust Assessment (ZTA) score — a continuous real-time security posture assessment across all endpoints in an organization. This enables organizations to enforce conditional access and gateway policies based on device health and compliance checks to mitigate risks posed by compromised or malicious devices.

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Incident Response Partnership

As an incident response provider, CrowdStrike deals with active under attack situations day in, day out — helping customers mitigate the attack, and getting their web property and network back online. Cloudflare’s partnership with CrowdStrike not only enables rapid referral of organizations under attack, but helps customers mitigate the risk to their business operations.

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Critical Infrastructure Defense Project

To address the threat of heightened cyber risk, Cloudflare and CrowdStrike have partnered to launch the Critical Infrastructure Defense Project. Our goal is to quickly improve the cyber readiness of vulnerable infrastructure in US critical industries — hospitals, energy utilities, and water utilities — by providing eligible organizations free services and support.

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