Trust-focused technologies

Cloudflare products help organizations keep end-user data private and secure.

Cloudflare offers a wide variety of security and networking services. Learn about our products that are especially relevant to protecting user data from unauthorized access, managing user access, navigating data localization, and more.

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Data localization suite

Cloudflare’s Data Localization Suite offers the security and performance benefits of our global network — while making it easy to control which locations traffic is inspected in, and to decide where logs are sent.

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Cloudflare’s network can encrypt data everywhere on its journey from origin servers to end-users. Use our rich customization options for certificate management, TLS version control, and encryption key storage.

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Access management

The Cloudflare network enables Zero Trust application and Internet access from any device, anywhere. Authenticate users from the network edge, log access events and data requests to internal applications, and block risky sites.

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Application security

Cloudflare’s many application security services can protect web applications from injection attacks, cross-site scripting, API abuse, and other attempts to access sensitive user data.

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Web analytics

Cloudflare’s Web Analytics does not use any client-side state, such as cookies or localStorage, to collect usage metrics — and never ‘fingerprints’ individual users.

As an insurance broker we have to prove that we take adequate precautions to prevent unauthorized access to our data. By allowing Cloudflare as the single user of our private cloud, we’ve eliminated entire classes of threat vectors and made our security that much simpler to prove.
Martin Bailey
CTO, President & Co-Founder

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