Magic Network Monitoring

Cloud based network flow monitoring

A lack of network visibility can prevent engineers within your IT organization from effectively troubleshooting and solving key problems. However, establishing end to end visibility across all traffic within your organization’s network can be a complex task.

Magic Network Monitoring is a cloud network flow monitoring solution that gives customers end to end network traffic visibility, DDoS attack type identification, and volumetric traffic alerts all from a single pane of glass.

DDoS Attack Alerts

Magic Network Monitoring will analyze a customer’s network traffic flow and send an alert via email, webhook, or PagerDuty when a DDoS attack is detected. The product offers both advanced DDoS attack type detection and alerting (for specific flow types) as well as alerts on unusual traffic volume received by publicly advertised IP addresses and prefixes.

Network Monitoring

Magic Network Monitoring provides customers with end to end visibility across all of their internal network traffic. Customers often need better insights into traffic that flows in between their cloud environments or only traverses a local network. Magic Network Monitoring provides customers with the network traffic analytics they need to power up their monitoring, troubleshooting, and maintenance efforts.

Trial the Free Version

Cloudflare’s mission is to make the Internet a better place for everyone. To work towards this goal, Cloudflare offers a free version of Magic Network Monitoring that is available to all Enterprise customers by request to their Cloudflare account team. Free, Pro, and Business plan customers can request access to the closed beta of the free version via the Developer Docs. Now, everyone has an opportunity to establish end to end visibility across their network traffic and to make their network more secure.

Discord Channel

Cloudflare’s Discord server has a channel that’s built around configuring, troubleshooting, and providing feedback on Magic Network Monitoring.

To join the Magic Network Monitoring Discord channel, click the button below, then scroll down the left side navigation menu, and select “Products > Magic Network Monitoring”.

Join the Cloudflare Discord server

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Cloudflare network service

Magic Transit is just one part of the Cloudflare network security and solutions family. Cloudflare offers built-in services — like DDoS mitigation, branch connectivity, software-defined Zero-Trust functionality, and network firewalling — on a single global network that replaces patchwork appliances. Connect, secure, and accelerate your corporate network with Cloudflare.

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Cloudflare network service

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