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Cloudflare and Vapor IO partner to reduce data transfer fees

Billions of connected devices generating petabytes of data will require nearby edge cloud resources to deliver local, low-latency applications. Vapor IO provides edge colocation, interconnection, and software-defined networking that supports edge applications that range from telco NFV and C-RAN to IoT and self-driving vehicles.

Vapor IO’s Kinetic Edge delivers the next generation internet by placing data centers in close proximity to cell towers and other tower-connected locations. Utilizing our colocation facilities and interconnection services empowers companies to bring cloud-like capabilities to the edge of the wireless network.


Vapor believes in the mission of the Bandwidth Alliance and is excited to pass on the benefits of interconnected networks to our common customers. As with other Bandwidth Alliance members, we commit to not charging our mutual customers any egress or bandwidth fees, which will both improve the economics of edge computing and accelerate its deployment.

We are passionate about making the web a better place and supporting our customers and the internet community in freedom of expression. Allowing the flow of data across the internet is key to enabling this freedom. The Bandwidth Alliance will play an essential role in ensuring this vision as it removes friction that has previously burdened data transfer from cloud providers. Giving our customers the ability to leverage a wide choice of cloud platforms with frictionless economics will accelerate innovation and reduce hurdles to deploying new applications. We believe in the mission of the Bandwidth Alliance and the principal of not charging for bandwidth across our edge interconnection services.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

We commit to not charging our mutual customers any data transfer fees, which is enabled through our strongly interconnected networks.

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Introducing the Bandwidth Alliance

Learn how Cloudflare and Vapor IO partnered to reduce egress fees in this Bandwidth Alliance announcement blog post.

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Vapor IO Partners with Cloudflare on Nationwide Deployment

Learn how Cloudflare partnered with Vapor IO to deploy its cloud services on the Kinetic Edge platform nationwide.

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