Cloudflare and Booz Allen Hamilton Now Delivering Rapid Incident Response for Enterprises Under Attack

Cloudflare onboards enterprises under attack through Booz Allen collaboration, a fast track to Cloudflare’s industry-leading Incident Response and DDoS mitigation

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San Francisco, CA, April 8, 2024 – Cloudflare, Inc. (NYSE: NET), the leading connectivity cloud company, today announced a collaboration with Booz Allen Hamilton (NYSE: BAH), to support enterprises under attack by providing expedited Under Attack as a Service (UAaaS) with 30-Day Rapid Response DDoS Mitigation, including continuous monitoring and protection. Under this new agreement, Booz Allen’s Global Commercial clients facing a cyber attack will be connected to Cloudflare for immediate Incident Response. Now, Booz Allen clients that may fall victim to cyber attacks have a fast track to support when they need it most.

Malicious attacks like distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) and ransomware can overwhelm Internet properties or corporate networks with traffic, causing disruptions in operations. In recent months, the world has faced some of the largest cyber attacks to-date. Last year, Cloudflare mitigated a record-breaking 71 million request-per-second DDoS attack—the largest reported HTTP DDoS attack on record at the time, and helped discover an online threat, dubbed “HTTP/2 Rapid Reset,” that led to the largest attack in Internet history. To help mitigate the impact of this threat for the entire Internet ecosystem, Cloudflare quickly developed technology purpose-built to automatically block any attack leveraging Rapid Reset for its customers.

“Cloudflare is known for being able to stop the largest cyber attacks in the world. We stand ready, now working with Booz Allen, to onboard and work hand-in-hand with organizations for immediate protection during the most pressing times,” said Mark Anderson, President of Revenue, Cloudflare. “Across the commercial sector, we are seeing attacks increase as threat vectors expand. Whether a domain is down, or the client is facing ransomware, any business under attack can rely on us for rapid response and mitigation.”

Booz Allen clients that may be under attack will be connected to Cloudflare for rapid mitigation and continued protection. Combining Booz Allen’s cyber expertise, with Cloudflare’s connectivity cloud delivering security and performance, enterprises can rely on rapid Incident Response while maintaining business operations.

“In today’s interconnected environment, organizations in all sectors face the growing threat of attacks that can cause outages and disrupt operations,” said Brendan Rooney, Booz Allen Senior Vice President, Global Commercial Incident Response. “The escalating threat of distributed denial-of-service attacks requires an expedited and effective mitigation solution. Working together, Cloudflare and Booz Allen will be able to guide organizations under attack to mitigation with protection and expertise when they are needed most."

Any global organization, of any sector, that is under cyber attack can rapidly onboard with Booz Allen and Cloudflare to benefit from:

  • Global Network Protection: Cloudflare runs one of the largest and most interconnected networks in the world, and has the largest global network of DDoS mitigation data centers. With its globally distributed data centers, the Cloudflare threat network absorbs and neutralizes attacks while keeping websites and Internet applications accessible to legitimate users.

  • Comprehensive Guided Support: Booz Allen’s Global Commercial Incident Response team will work closely with Cloudflare’s Under Attack Threat Advisory Solution Engineer teams to mitigate attacks. The combined team support begins at the start, from first guiding an under attack client through the process of onboarding onto Cloudflare.

  • Proactive Defenses: During a client’s 30-day Incident Response period, the Cloudflare network continuously analyzes traffic patterns and identifies potential attacks, stepping in before any disruption. In order to be protected from future attacks, the Cloudflare team will conduct a complete cybersecurity evaluation, identifying solutions to implement for proactive defenses moving forward.

  • Extensive Reporting on Attacks, Efforts, and Actions: Clients receive detailed reports on attack vectors, mitigation strategies, and overall network performance to gain valuable insights into remediation efforts.

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