This video features Nitesh Goel, CEO and Founder of Padlet

Introduce yourself and tell us what Cloudflare products Padlet is using

Nitesh Goel: Hi, my name is Nitesh. I am the CEO and Founder of Padlet.

We were big users of the CDN product, but as our user base has grown, we've started using Cloudflare for things like security, and for video hosting and distribution as well.

What problems were you using that led you to start using Cloudflare?

Nitesh Goel: I think most people don't realize just how complicated video hosting and distribution is. And so doing all of those things in-house would have been very difficult - would have been very time consuming. So what Cloudflare Stream allowed us to do is just give us an out-of-the-box solution for just providing video streaming to our users. We basically flipped it on overnight.

What benefits have you seen from using Cloudflare Stream?

Nitesh Goel: I mean, Cloudflare Stream has saved us months of development effort and so our small team has been able to punch above its weight because of it.

What is your favorite thing about Cloudflare?

Nitesh Goel: The most impressive thing for me about Cloudflare is just how easy all their products are to use out of the box.

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