123Milhas uses Cloudflare to protect and enhance the performance of its online platform

123Milhas is an airline ticket booking company based in Brazil, which helps customers purchase tickets using airline miles or cash — often at a lower value than by other means of purchase. The company’s website also provides the option to search for hotels, insurance and car rentals.

123Milhas receives many visitors on a daily basis and also stores a significant amount of confidential information from its customers and the company. Over the last year, the company has experienced a variety of malicious attacks, including DDoS attacks coming from different countries. The company needed to improve the security of its ecommerce platform, without this choice affecting its performance.

Implement an effective security solution

One of the major challenges that brought 123Milhas to Cloudflare was the constant malicious attacks it had been receiving, but which were manually defended by a basic system. “We didn’t have a firewall, just traditional security that was configured internally," said André Souza, IT manager at 123Milhas.

Instead of putting together a new team to exclusively handle these attacks, 123Milhas’ IT team searched the market for a reliable company that would offer all the support needed in this area, improving the performance and security of the servers. “Now, with Cloudflare, everything is done in an automated and fluid manner, which adds another protective layer where I can observe everything that is happening," explained Souza.

Security coupled with performance

One of 123Milhas’ biggest challenges was to have a secure platform that was still fast for whoever accessed it. To that end, the company chose to adopt Cloudflare’s Argo Smart Routing Argo solution, which uses Cloudflare’s global network intelligence to route inbound and outbound traffic around congestion on the public Internet. This solution reduced latency for 123Milhas’ site.

André explains how this solution was necessary for the team: “A reality in our sector is the speed at which we present information to our customers. Every second we gain is worth a lot, and as we are in an area where information changes very quickly, our cache wasn’t working properly. After a conversation with the Cloudflare team, this problem was resolved through an email exchange,” he says.

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Key Results
  • More secure website, with a new additional layer against malicious attacks.

  • Reduced latency using Argo Smart Routing.

  • Work of the IT team made easier, with a simpler and more secure environment.

Cloudflare's solutions help us identify patterns of malicious attacks and make our platform more secure.

André Souza
IT Manager

With Cloudflare, everything is done in an automated and fluid manner, which adds another protective layer of security.

André Souza
IT Manager